Arriving to Campus

All individuals coming to campus are required to complete the COVID-19 Pre-entry Screening questionnaire before accessing the College building.

  • Before coming to campus, all individuals must complete the COVID-19 school screening.
  • All individuals must also be prepared to self-screen before entering a college building.
  • Security personnel will be present at each entrance to observe and monitor those entering campus and confirm each person has self-screened, is wearing a non-medical mask or face covering and has applied hand sanitizer before continuing further into the college.

Canadian College for Higher Studies campus cleaning service provider is:

  • Performing enhanced cleaning, including disinfecting high touch areas, two to three times daily in all spaces.
  • Cleaning all rooms daily.
  • Taking immediate action on service requests from the health and safety officer for enhanced cleaning in specific areas.
  • Employees and students also have access to:
  • Hand sanitizer at building entrances, in all learning environments and common areas.
  • Disinfectant sprays and paper towels in common office spaces for employees and students to clean their workspaces when needed.
    • Note: employees must disinfect their workstation at the start and end of each day. Requests for additional cleaning products or cleaning services can be submitted through the Reception Desk.
  • Sanitization wipe dispensers in each classroom. Students are encouraged to use these cleaning products to sanitize their workstation before and after using it.

All Students and Employees have access to a private sink with a hand wash reminder sequence poster. All Sinks will have disinfecting and antibacterial soap.

  • All individuals are required to bring a face mask or to cover to wear inside college buildings.
  • The Mask must fit securely to the head with this or ear loops
  • If re-usable, maintain their shape after washing and drying multiple times
  • Be made of at least two layers of tightly woven material (such as cotton or linen)
  • Be large enough to cover the nose and mouth completely and comfortably without gaping.
  • Be comfortable for the user, with the ability to breathe normally and without impeding other safety considerations (i.e. adequate vision, communication)
  • Masks are required in food consumption areas except while seated and eating.
  • Food consumption is permitted in these areas only:
  • Student Lounge (food service unavailable)
  • All individuals must always maintain a minimum distance of two meters (six feet) between themselves and others.
  • If this cannot be achieved, the use of barriers, such as Plexiglass or other personal equipment is worn. As a reminder, masks or face coverings are required while on campus.
  • Departments or offices that are student-facing are required to limit capacity to ensure proper physical distancing guidelines are followed.
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