SAP Security

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SAP Security


SAP Security (Security and Authorization)

SAP Security is the doorway to an SAP server. Security and Authorization is a way to protect company information from unauthorized access or use. The level of authorization to access each SAP object can be customized at user level in an SAP system.

Course Curriculum

  • Learn about the elements, strategies, and tools of the SAP authorization concept
  • Create and assign authorizations using the Profile Generator
  • Use the Central User Administration (CUA) tool
  • Identify and protect sensitive data in production systems
  • Configure the Audit Information System for a system security audit
  • Configure important security monitoring and tracing mechanisms
  • Use the Audit Information System to conduct a thorough system security audit
  • Explain the use of the standard SAP role maintenance tools to produce company-specific, security-enhanced roles and authorization profiles
  • Secure transaction access, table access, program execution, and developer access
  • Secure change management mechanisms in productive system landscapes
  • Secure system administration tools against misuse
  • Understand the fundamentals and objectives of system security
  • Improve security in an SAP system environment

Program Details

Duration 35 Hours
Tuition Please call 416.850.1456 or email [email protected] for more information.
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