Medical and Health Office Administrator

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CCHS Medical and Health Office Administrator

Medical and Health Office Administrator

The program is a blend of medical sciences and administration that aims to produce innovative, enthusiastic and self – motivated healthcare professionals. This program is unique since it equips students with a holistic set of skills and knowledge related to health, medical office management and various other divisions related to socio-medical sciences.

At the end of this program students will be able to learn how to administer hospitals, clinics, doctor office and other related sectors.

This program will also enhance students’ theoretical and practical skills about the United Nations. In addition, various other sub-divisions especially the World Health Organization (WHO), public health and medical terminologies will be examined. Furthermore, the program will focus on cognitive skills, electronic medical and data management as well as medical office administration. Our aim is to produce intellectual graduates in order to serve not only Canadian society but also our global community.

Course Curriculum

  • United Nations and its Various Divisions
  • World Health Organization and its Various Functions
  • Public Health
  • Medical Health/OHIP-(Ontario Health Insurance Plan) Billing
  • Introduction Micro-biology and Bio-chemistry
  • Psychology, Perception and other Cognitive Skills
  • Electronic medical data transfer plus Medical Transcription
  • Human Biology
  • Sociology
  • Global health and Socio-medical issues
  • Social Determinants Of Health
  • Urban Education, Globalization/Modernization
  • Human Resources and Medical Office Procedure
  • Linguistic
  • Research Methodologies
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills, Job Interview and Career Opportunities

Program Details

Duration 37 Weeks
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